Rat Management

When You Need To Control A Rat Problem

Rat Problem?

Can you imagine anything more embarrassing then having a tiny, disgusting rat run right over your friends foot while you are trying to entertain? This might be a humiliating situation, but rest assured that it isn’t your fault. Rats come into our homes because of reasons that are beyond our control, perhaps there was construction being done and their nest was destroyed. So they decided to make your home their new nest. I know you might feel sorry for the newly homeless vermin that decided to take up refuge in your home, but bottom line, they are intruders.

There are several methods for extracting rats from our homes. These will not work unless you seal off the holes in which the rats came to live in your home in the first place. This might be hard to identify and do yourself. So, you will need to hire an exterminator to help you seal the holes for you.

Once you have covered that and you have made sure that there is no way more rats can enter your home you can focus on killing the ones you already have. There are three different types of traps that are very popular now a days. Each has its own level of effectiveness. Remember, rats reproduce at alarming rates, so you might need all three.

The first trap that is often a classic is the old spring trap. This crushes the bones of the rat and thus killing them. This method has been known to kill rats, but the down side, once the trap is sprung it can not be used again till its cleaned out or you place another one. So, it will probably only kill one rat and then the rest will scurry off from the alarming sound that the trigger makes.

Mouse Glue Trap

Another method that is used in the exterior of our homes would be the glue trap. This is great for trapping multiple rats and doesn’t run the risk of you hurting yourself by accidentally springing it. The only downside, dogs will get their fur caught in these traps if they step on them, so please be sure to hide them from your pets.

If none of these sound like your cup of tea the other option is putting rat poison in the walls, this is a great idea, but you might have to worry about the smell of dying rats for a few months.

Whatever the rat problem is, no one will be able to deal with it better then your local Gold Coast pest controller, (Luke Taylor) so why not give him a call?
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