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Ants Can Be Annoying!

Keep The Ants Out – Take Control Of Your Home
Pest control is always a concern to a homeowner. There are many little pesky critters that can make their way into home environments and cause damage and irritating circumstances. Ants are perhaps the most common pest, and there are many different types of them. If you have a fire ant problem, they can spread fast and be very painful. Ants love to build those mounds all over your lawn, and they also can end up causing your home to have structural damage as well since they eat wood. The food you eat can be contaminated, and they just make life difficult.

Since many people view ants as a broad category, they think that the same remedies will cure all their ant problems. However, there are many more species of ants than you would think, and there are different ways of getting rid of these ants. One way to get on top of this is to have an exterminator, but knowing things for yourself can help you win the battle as well. Some of the  most common ant types are fire ants, pharaoh ants, pavement ants, house ants and carpenter ants.

When you want to keep the ants out of your home and regain control, you’re going to want to avoid a common mistake many people make. They often think that they are going to get rid of their ant problem by spraying ants that they can visually see in their home. What you see is just a very small percentage of the ant problem you actually have. You must get to the other ant colony members, and this of course means killing the queen. Realise too that there can often be more than one queen.

Make sure you are looking in all nooks and crannies and spraying everywhere. If you’re not able to actually locate the entire colony of ants, you can always use bait made from insecticides. These work well for homeowners because the foraging ants end up giving food they find to their queen ant and others. This helps kill of the ant colony.

There are different types of ant baits, and sometimes those ants can be picky. If what you use stops working or doesn’t seem to work at all from the beginning, then just try another one. Or, you can call a professional like EC64 for ant control on the Gold Coast, because they have access to the best insecticide baits and other ant control products.

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